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What are you doing to ensure my safety before arriving at the festival, during and after the festival ends?2021-12-15T22:57:20+00:00
Safety of our patrons at our festival is our number one priority. Please see below for more details about our safety, emergency and evacuation procedures.
Will there be security checks for bags before going into the shows?2021-12-15T22:57:56+00:00

Yes. All bags will be searched as you enter the festival grounds.

Prohibited Items2022-07-20T22:14:06+00:00

Prohibited Items List 

No outside drinks or liquid of any kind (one clear SEALED plastic water bottle or one PLASTIC refillable water bottle permitted)

No tarps, blankets larger than 8’ x 8’ or rugs

No tents

No large purses, bags, or backpacks (one small bag or backpack per person allowed)

No weapons of any kind including pocket knives, pepper spray, or any objects that could be used as a weapon

No fireworks, sparklers, smoke bombs, or incendiary devices

No coolers or generators

No megaphones, air horns, musical instruments, or amplified sound equipment

No glass of any kind (except for eyeglasses & sunglasses)

No grills, gas, propane, or open flames

No laser pointers or LED projection lights

No pets (except service animals)

No drones, remote controlled planes or cars

No balloons, inflatables, or kites

No balls, frisbees, or sports equipment

No professional recording equipment or tripods

No bikes, skateboards, one-wheels, unicycles, roller skates, inline skates, or scooters

No markers, pens, chalk, stickers, or spray paint

No illegal substances, marijuana, marijuana products or paraphernalia

No outside vendors, unauthorized solicitations, handbills, sampling, giveaways

No HIGH-BACK CHAIRS OF ANY KIND OR CHAIRS WITH LEGS  (chair backs must be no higher than 6” above the ground)

No Outside food or drink

Bag policy / Entry Policy

Rules subject to change without notice. Rules subject to security discretion*

NO Refunds or Exchanges

NO Sitting on Designated Standing Room Only

NO Moshing, Crowd Surfing or Stage Diving

NO Unauthorized/Unlicensed Vendors Allowed

NO Unauthorized Solicitations, Handbills, Sampling, Give-Aways, etc.

NO Outside food or drink

  • For your safety and the safety of others, guests and their possessions are subject to inspection as a condition of admittance. Please have your bags open and available for inspection.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited inside Town Park.
  • Private vending (including tickets) is prohibited.
  • Intoxicated patrons may be denied admittance.
  • OK Hydration packs with no more than two main compartments and one smaller compartment— bladder must be empty upon entry.


Be Prepared2021-12-15T22:59:31+00:00

• Have a list of contact information, allergies and medication on your person in case our emergency team needs to know!
• Mother Nature can be unpredictable! Though we will be monitoring the weather at all times, to prepare, it’s important that you check the weather right before leaving for the event. This way you can be prepared with rain gear, warm clothes, or anything else you may need to be comfortable in the case of unpleasant weather.
• Stay hydrated and be prepared for sun! It can get very hot in September in Snowmass, make sure you have plenty of sunscreen and a good plan for having water near you at all times! (Remember empty camelbacks and plastic water bottles are allowed in, bring them and take advantage of out water fill stations)

How You Can Help2021-12-15T23:00:10+00:00

• IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING. Whether it’s someone looking ill, an unruly guest, or something that seems suspicious – Grab the nearest police officer, security or staff member for immediate assistance!
• Take a moment to look over the map, locate all the medical tents and emergency exits so you know the quickest way to safety in an emergency!
• Be considerate of those around you! There are a lot of people around you and you are all there for one reason – TO HAVE FUN!

In Case of an Emergency2021-12-15T23:00:49+00:00

• STAY CALM! There are teams available to help and plans are in place in case of an emergency. Keep you and others around you calm and listen to any instructions given to you by and emergency responder or security officer.
• Follow the emergency exit signs. Please take a moment to review the map and look for emergency exits. These exits will also be marked with signs in the venue, so take a moment once you enter to take a moment and make yourself familiar with their locations in the event of an evacuation.
• KEEP UP-TO-DATE! In the event of an evacuation or emergency we will post updates via our social network pages, app and texting platform. Make sure you follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, have downloaded our app to stay updated. Keep your eyes on these sites for all safety and scheduling updates.
• In the event of an emergency buses WILL NOT make regular stops! Buses will take patrons DIRECTLY to either: Ruby Park in Aspen, the Intercept Lot, Snowmass Base Village Transit Depot or Snowmass Mall Transit Depot. From there you can get on connecting buses to your final destination.

Security Screening2021-12-15T23:01:32+00:00

• For the security of everyone at Jazz Aspen Snowmass all people and vehicles on festival grounds are subject to a full body pat-down and magnetometer screening before entry. If you would like to be screened by security personnel of your same gender, please let security personnel know prior to the search process. Screening of children will always take place with the consent of a parent or guardian.

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