A studio for recording, teaching & broadcasting

A state-of-the-art studio with full multi-media capabilities

  • The unique juxtaposition of a “live room” (The JAS Cafe) with an adjacent recording studio under one roof
  • 1,500 square foot recording, mixing and finishing studio with 21st century broadcast capability
  • Opportunities for artists ranging from visiting pop stars and JAS Cafe performers, as well as emerging students from the JAS Academy
  • An enticing environment for local student engagement and learning about the recording and production business
  • A magnet for great artists to work in an inspired setting while polishing material for their current projects
  • Realization of the JAS aspiration to create the same world-wide reputation for excellence in tis recording projects it has achieved during its 30 years of live concert programming, leveraging the power of the JAS and Aspen brand