Hiromi & Edmar Castenada

The Japanese born and raised (and now NYC resident) Hiromi is a hurricane of virtuosity and harnessed energy and a mesmerizing talent.   Her unique sound and sheer presence are commanding, despite her diminutive stature.   I’ve heard her inspire pin-drop silence and awe in a massive theatre like seated tent for 5,000+ persons, and equally transport listeners in the most intimate of club spaces.  For this JAS Café show Hiromi welcomes the wizardry of Colombian virtuoso jazz harpist, Edmar Castenada. Hiromi’s duets with Mr. Castenada are imaginative and utterly unusual.  They are a dazzling pair each bringing their distinct sound to a truly “music without borders” pairing.

In JAS Café’s “Jazz Spoken Globally” series, these are the first two artists to hail from either Japan or Colombia.

Jamison Ross

Jamison Ross has an instantly recognizable sound in his voice: He’s an old soul it seems, blending clear Gospel roots with a whole lotta soul shaken and stirred with a jazz sensibility.  He defies easy category musically, given his obvious comfort with so many genres of music. Raised in Northern Florida, in what is essentially the southern most edge of the South, you can hear the Southern Black Church in Jamison’s voice ….as easily as you can feel the soul and r ‘n b shadings of so many of his songs. Honey. He’s got that honey sounding voice, smooth and sticky. But it all is woven together with a jazzman’s filter. Really lookin’ forward to the kick off of the JAS Café summer season 2017.

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