As JAS begins planning for our highly anticipated 25th Anniversary Season in 2015, an important branding transformation is well underway. The very definition of who JAS is and what it offers has evolved, and we believe it would be better summed up with the word “Experience” as opposed to our longtime moniker “Festival.”

The meaning of the word Festival has changed dramatically in the last ten years with the explosion of enormous multi-stage, multi-genre gatherings of 50,000 people or more per day. JAS seeks to distance our event in the marketplace from these festivals which truly cannot realistically be compared. The experience of attending the JAS Labor Day event, in its spectacular setting, with only one main stage, is dramatically different from any major music festivals in operation today. As is the JAS Patron (VIP) experience which weds the experience of live gourmet cooking stations and cuisines, premium beverages and a proximity to the stage, unlike that of any other major music festival VIP offerings. We believe that the ultimate draw and value is the overall experience of our attendees, with its marriage of world-class talent in an un-equaled natural setting coupled with myriad of other outdoor activities attendees can enjoy in Aspen/Snowmass over the weekend.