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JAS Adds Single Day Pass for the June Experience

Following the Jazz Aspen Snowmass announcement earlier this week regarding their new COVID policy for indoor concerts, the organization is now releasing single day passes for the upcoming JAS June Experience. The new single day passes will include shows at the Belly Up, Wheeler Opera House and the Hotel Jerome. Click here for a

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Andrew Sumabat

Student 2021 Class > Andrew Sumabat Andrew Sumabat Andrew Sumabat is a musician, multi-instrumentalist, and content creator from Seattle, Washington. His main instrument of choice is the trombone, but he also plays the trumpet and saxophone. Andrew became enamored with music at the age of 10,

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Ben Thomas Taylor Experience

Student 2021 Class > Ben Thomas Taylor Experience Ben Thomas Taylor Experience The Ben Thomas Taylor Experience was formed in late 2020 by guitarist and composer Ben Thomas Taylor. Ben and other members of the group recorded Ben’s debut album “The Bohemian” in the fall of

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Camilo Molina

Student 2021 Class > Camilo Molina Camilo Molina Camilo Molina is a jazz trumpeter who grew up in North Port Florida, which is a small town located just south of Sarasota. After high school he moved to Miami and attended Miami Dade Community College for 2

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Dylan McHann

Student 2021 Class > Dylan McHann Dylan McHann Dylan is an upcoming junior at the Frost School in Miami, Florida. He has been playing the saxophone for 10 years and begun to play jazz music in middle and high school. Since then, Dylan has been a

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Brian Lawrence

Student 2021 Class > Brian Lawrence Brian Lawrence Brian Lawrence was born and raised in Bellevue, Washington, and currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. Equally skilled on both piano and woodwinds, Brian cherishes the opportunity to be a multi-instrumentalist. Brian is currently a Graduate Assistant in

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Sam Keedy

Student 2021 Class > Sam Keedy Sam Keedy Born and raised into a family of classical musicians and educators, trombonist Sam Keedy grew up surrounded by music. After picking up the trombone at age 11 under the guidance of the illustrious trombonist Paul Mckee, Sam moved from

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Elay Kadosh

Student 2021 Class > Elay Kadosh Elay Kadosh Elay Kadosh was born, raised, and has been living and studying in Tel Aviv, Israel. At the age of 13, after listening to a Paul Chambers record, Elay fell head over heels in love with this music and

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Matt Incontro

Student 2021 Class > Matt Incontro Matt Incontro Matt Incontro is a saxophonist, reed musician, and composer from Buffalo, NY. In 2016 he moved to Rochester and began studying jazz performance at the Eastman School of Music. Matt recently graduated from his undergraduate studies and moved

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