Carbondale is known as an incubator for artists and musicians with young talent emerging this time from the middle school band: two flautists Bailey Griebel and Samantha Anderson. Both students joined our new Local Education Initiative, New Year, New Sound to set intentions and improve their musicality this year.

JAS funded three private lessons for each student and rented an acoustic guitar for Bailey to take on the new instrument this year. Dedicating to increase their individual practice time is another focus for Bailey and Samantha to meet measurable improvement goals over the coming months.

Although Bailey has practiced the flute for the last four years, she decided to learn how to play the acoustic guitar in order to embrace her love of country music. Growing up on a ranch in Thomson Creek, Bailey performs in the rodeo and break colts when she isn’t playing sports or performing in the 8th grade band.

Bailey hopes this opportunity will take her farther than just the CMS band. She plans to explore song writing and potentially perform in public by the end of the year. Seeing Keith Urban this September at the JAS Labor Day Experience will also be a huge inspiration to keep practicing!

Samantha is committed to tracking her progress this year after getting “whooped” in core band. The petite Carbondale Middle School student has steep aspirations to improve her skillset by practicing 30 minutes per day. If she misses one day, then she adds five minutes of practice time for the next day.

Samantha’s been on track now for 11 months and wants to continue the trend.  Having advanced over the two years of playing the flute, she adores the high notes she can now play.

If you want to help students such as Bailey and Samantha get additional private lessons and step-up instruments, explore our Local Education Initiatives donation options to help valley students reach their musical goals.