Recently JAS partnered with the Jake Foerster Music Arts Fund (JFMAF)  to increase awareness and reach of the existing JFMAF Scholarship Fund. To date JFMAF has awarded over $40,000 in scholarships to 13 students from Basalt and Aspen High Schools. In an effort to reach more students and expand the program to both Carbondale and Glenwood Springs, JFMAF founder EJ Foerster reached out to JAS to explore partnership.

“Between our similar Missions and connections, partnering with JFMAF makes total sense,” says Jim Horowitz, JAS President and Founder. “JAS is able to bring resources to the table to help JFMAF expand their visibility in the Valley, while JFMAF offers JAS new audiences, and additional opportunities through the scholarship program.”

“JAS has been the benchmark for bringing the best of music and education to our valley and communities for decades” says EJ Foerster, JFMAF Executive Director.  “JFMAF is honored to be part of the JAS legacy to continue to bring strong scholarships opportunities to talented seniors through the Roaring Fork Valley.”

This scholarship season was the first that JAS and JFMAF partnered up to expand JFMAF’s scholarship reach beyond Aspen and Basalt. With the partnership we were able to award scholarships to 7 lucky seniors across four local schools: Aspen, Basalt, Roaring Fork High and Glenwood Spring High Schools. Congrats to this years scholarship winners:

Aspen High School:

Simone Lamont—1st: U. of Pennsylvania  2nd: Georgetown

Eliseo Lopez—Colorado Mountain College

EJ Foerster with winners from Aspen High: Eliseo Lopez and Simone Lamont

Basalt High School:

Cooper Braun—1st: Colorado State University,

2nd: University of Montana

EJ Foerster with Basalt High winner Cooper Braun

Roaring Fork High School (Carbondale)

Cal Branigan—1st CO Film School, 2nd: Metro University Denver

Glenwood High School:

Noah Rowe-Gaddis— 1st: Berklee College of Music,  2nd: CU Boulder

Devin Kneipper—1st: U of Northern CO,  2nd: CU Boulder

Isaac Williams— Mesa State University

EJ Foerster presenting the scholarships to Glenwood Springs Winners: Noah Rowe-Gaddis, Devin Kneipper and Issac Williams