Fort Worth’s Sundance Square fuses historical western architecture with modern design across its walkable 37-square-block downtown campus of shopping, restaurants, art galleries, entertainment, professional offices and residential living. Its plaza is rated as one of the nation’s top outdoor gathering spots and is referred to as the “living room of Fort Worth.” Visitors to Sundance Square are encouraged to explore its murals, whimsical water fountains, courtyards, one of a kind local shops, great food, live music/theater productions, the Sid Richardson Western Art Museum, and the visually stunning and acoustically perfect Bass Performance Hall. It’s a perfect place to soak up the excitement and friendly ambiance of Fort Worth.

This year at the JAS Labor Day Experience, Sundance Square is highlighting eight of Ft. Worth’s top artists, sharing their work in the JAS Village. From murals, oil paintings, sculptures, paper cache, mixed media, narration and more, be sure to stop by their spot for a taste of Sundance Square!


Sarah Ayala

Murals, social commentary, and works on cartography.

Jana Renée

Aesthetic creator, sculptor, muralist, oil paintings and illustration.


Fashion artist.

Miguel Martin

Paper cache artist and photographer.

Enrique Nevarez

Mixed media with a focus on memory of personal domestic spaces with a queer Latinx perspective.

Emmanuel Gillespie & Zoe Gillespie

Narrations of identity, history, and experience lend themselves to the aesthetics of each series of works that speak to and question a deeper understanding of oneself.

Bernardo Vallarino

Artworks addressing human suffering, violence, abuse of power, politics, control and hypocrisy through metaphorical comparisons of humanity’s relationship to insects and the perceived worth of “the others”.