JAS CENTER – A vibrant & bustling cultural hub

By transforming this iconic Aspen gem into a lively community gathering place for cultural, educational and special events, it will became a vital, year-round asset.


  • A Creative Hub for diverse musical performances, educational programming and both public & private community gatherings
  • A unique Aspen Core venue for the community to connect
  • Up to 300+ days and nights of annual usage
  • Flexible layouts for gatherings of 100 to 300 people
  • A 600-square-foot terrace overlooking the Cooper Avenue Mall
  • A Skylight for natural light that can be blacked out when needed

A new heartbeat for the downtown core


  • Provides increased cultural and performance capacity in town
  • A one-of-a-kind intimate-sized venue complementing existing larger venues
  • Provides the community with much needed meeting and gathering place
  • Impacts and serves diverse generations for years to come
  • Enhancing core vitality with 300+ days & nights annually

From supper club to nightclub – live jazz, blues, soul, funk & more

  • A permanent, intimate, world-class 150-175 seat capacity venue for JAS Cafe performances, including jazz, blues, soul, world and other related forms of music
  • Sophisticated supper-club experience (full dinner & performance) available early & late shows
  • A venue for JAS musical collaborations with other not-for-profit organizations
  • Expanded dates from the current 36 nights winter and summer to ultimately 60-75 nights per year
  • A consistent year-round program of performances featuring more weekend nights, holidays and prime time performances (currently not feasible with existing venue partnerships)
  • A new, late night scene and venue with accessible pricing to expose younger audiences to all types of music
  • An elevated stage with ideal sight lines throughout the venue

A classroom for learning

A permanent, creative learning environment for students of all ages

  • A space where students and adults can listen, learn, rehearse, experiment, debate, perform & exchange ideas
  • A venue to enhance and expand JAS local student music education initiatives
  • A permanent home for the JAS Academy, a prestigious, all-scholarship summer program presented in collaboration with Frost School of Music at the University of Miami, under the direction of JAS Artistic Director Christian McBride and Frost Dean Shelly Berg 
  • A world-class recording studio that supports both local & JAS Academy students eager to learn about the business of recording and broadcasting
  • A place to host adult music education initiatives, including Listen Up pre-concert artist interviews, plus additional workshops and lectures