I’d heard Bria’s name last year for the first time, as she was pitched to me for the JAS Cafe by the same agent who first told me about Cyrille Aimee, the French jazz singer who had a great debut here in January 2012. With our “Jazz Spoken Globally” themed series at the JAS Cafe, we are interested by great artists from other countries. Bria is Canadian born, from Vancouver, a city that gave us Diana Krall among others, so I was interested in learning more. Her unique profile as both a trumpeter and vocalist definitely piqued my curiosity.
I had the chance to hear Bria in person first at a record release event at a NYC Club in Fall of 2013 and then again at the NY Hot Jazz Festival in spring of 2014. I was impressed with her talent, versatility and winning personality on both occasions. She has the natural gift of connecting with an audience, which not all great musicians possess. When I found out that she actually was the force behind producing this new Hot Jazz Festival, which had garnered a lot of attention and critical praise, as well as a stellar collection of artists, I was sold. Artists that understand the perspective of being on-stage (artists) vs. behind the stage (producer)… that’s a real small group.
Mostly though, Bria’s coming to the JAS Cafe because she’s a hot artist with a growing career and a unique show and presentation. She is winning over new fans and critics everywhere she goes. It’s always fun to discover a great new artists at the JAS Cafe and we have been lucky to introduce lots of those to our audiences. I am confident that Bria is going to have one of those stand-out debuts as well. Her show is great energy and fun. As the Wall Street Journal aptly describer her, “She plays like a red hot devil and sings like a dream.” Hope to see you at the show!