Triple threat talent Katie Thiroux is bringing in even more talent to accompany her on the piano at her JAS Cafe shows Friday, February 2nd and Saturday, February 3rd. Justin Kauflin is a 31 year old piano prodigy and one half of the unlikely duo featured in the acclaimed documentary: Keep On Keepin’ On. 
The film depicts the friendship of music legend and teacher Clark Terry and his last music student Justin Kauflin, a blind piano prodigy. Kauflin, who suffers from debilitating stage fright, is invited to compete in an elite Jazz competition, just as Terry’s health take a turn for the worse. As the clock ticks, we see two friends confront the toughest challenges of their lives.
Justin started playing music at the age of four with the violin and added the piano a few years later, he started playing professionally by the age of 6. By 11 Justin had lost total vision from exudative retinopathy. The hurdle didn’t stop him from his passion for music and starting his career as a Jazz Pianist. Starting in 2011, Justin’s relationship with mentor Clark Terry was being chronicled by friend and fellow musician, Al Hicks. Five years in the making, the resultant documentary, Keep on Keepin’ On won numerous awards and made the Oscar’s Short List. Justin is also credited for its film score along with veteran Dave Grusin.
Since then Justin has worked on several independent projects as well as tour Europe with either his trio or as solo artist. His seeing-eye dog, Candy, is often found on stage with him during his performances.
Whether you have seen Keep On Keepin’ On or not this weekend’s JAS Cafe is one not to be missed! Tickets still available here.