“The food is better than any festival food I’ve ever tasted. Chef Martin Oswald of Aspen’s Pyramid Bistro curated a menu that this year ranged from super tender grilled veal tongue with harissa honey carrots to sushi and nutritarian turmeric curry with broccoli, roasted peppers and forbidden black rice.” – Forbes 

Chef Martin Oswald (seen above at the 2017 JAS Labor Day Experience with his son), owner of Pyramid Bistro in Aspen, has been the head Chef of JAS VIP catering for nearly 20 years taking the dining experience from a well-done buffet dinner, to an expansive operation featuring gourmet live cooking stations, salad bars and dinners that would make you believe you were dining in a 5-star restaurant as opposed to a tent in a field.

With VIP tickets for the upcoming June Experience starting as low as $375/night, this is the perfect year to come experience Chef Oswald’s magic! Duck confit, tarragon chicken with melted brie and olive tapenade, Thai shrimp and sweet potato gnocci are just a few of the many vibrant offerings on this years menu which you can see here.

You can learn more about Chef Oswald by visiting the Pyramid site here. If you really want to get a better idea of the food Martin cooks be sure to check-out his beautiful photos on his Instagram page here, we promise you’ll walk away hungry!

For more information on Donor (VIP) tickets for the 2018 June Experience visit us here!