Congratulations to our Winners!
We were so excited by the response to our first annual Songwriting Competition: submissions from talented Middle & High Schools students across the country showcasing multiple genres of music and style. We sincerely thank every student that participated and shared your work with us! Below is a list of the winners and their songs, including our Grand Prize winner and Honorable Mention broken out by Middle and High School. Enjoy the music!

GRAND PRIZE – Jenny Henry, Glenwood Springs High School
All The Best – Listen Now

“I started writing music in 7th grade for an original musical called Honey Bee. After many years of writing and workshopping, the show was produced with 22 of my original pieces the summer of my junior year, by Sol theater company. That really sparked my passion for song writing. Last year I got my first guitar and have been writing music ever since. Next year I’m attending CU Denver and will be majoring in music with an emphasis on songwriting so I can continue to share my music and do what I love!”


Joseph Thompson & Phoebe Young, Coal Ridge High School
Fine (Radio Edit) – Listen Now

Joseph: My musical journey began when learned to play the clarinet in fifth grade. As the years moved on I also picked up the tenor saxophone and a love of jazz. Practicing helped me develop a strong work ethic and earned a spot as the first tenor saxophone in the Colorado All-State Small School Jazz Band. Over time, my love for saxophone morphed into a love for DJing. I repurposed the musical skills I developed playing an instrument into a deep understanding of how to mix two different tracks together. I began to DJ at ski resorts, high schools, and weddings. As I learned to DJ, I also began to make my own electronic music that I have released on major streaming platforms and can play in my sets. There’s nothing better than mixing two of your own songs together!

Phoebe: My name is Phoebe Young and I’m a senior from Colorado. Music has always been a huge part of my identity, but I have never been very serious about it. When I was younger I did band and choir, but as I grew up I found that my real passion was centered more around writing than music, so I started focusing more on that. Recently, I found a love of combining the two, and writing songs has become one of my favorite hobbies. I actually don’t sing much, and in all honesty I know very little about music production, but I fully believe music is the most beautiful way to express yourself, and Joseph gave me the opportunity to help us both do that.

Ania Grodsky, River Hill High School, Maryland
Skyscraper View – Listen Now

“I’m Ania, a high school junior in Maryland. I started writing songs when I was five and aspired to be just like Taylor Swift. Until about six months ago, I had only been recording ideas on Voice Memos (where I have accumulated 1000+ recordings over the years), but I decided to start finishing and producing my songs. I strive to tell someone else’s story, rather than my own, through soft music with powerful lyrics. I take inspiration from a variety of artists, including Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, The Black Skirts, Tearliner, Kim Sawol, and Chih Siou. I very excited to receive an honorable mention in the JAS competition and am looking forward to creating more music!”


Alexandra Salky, The Live Oak School, San Francisco
Something New – Listen Now

“Hi, my name is Alexandra Salky. I was born in New York City, now live in San Francisco and I am in fifth grade. I have a younger sister named Emmy. I have always loved music and singing. I sang with the San Francisco girl’s chorus for two years. I started writing my own songs in the beginning of the pandemic. My song “Something New” is about not being afraid of trying out new things. I like to ski, golf, play soccer and I love to read. Taylor Swift is my favorite singer and I hope to hear one of my songs next to hers on the radio one day.”

Renata Maturana, The Healdsburg School, California
The Other Side – Listen Now

“Hi my name is Renata. I am 11 years old and I am in 5th grade. I started singing as long as I can remember. I have played in bands before. My favorite singers are Tracy Chapman, Adele, Alicia Keys, and Nora Jones. I learned a lot of music info like beats, reading music etc. and I figured out how to make a song. This song, The Other Side, is about my best friend who moved away and how I will be waiting for her on The Other Side. I played this song to some of my friends and they loved it. So then my guitar teacher showed me this contest. And I was so shocked when I got Honorable Mention. And I hope someday I will be just like Tracy Chapman.”