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Ben Thomas Taylor Experience

The Ben Thomas Taylor Experience was formed in late 2020 by guitarist and composer Ben Thomas Taylor. Ben and other members of the group recorded Ben’s debut album “The Bohemian” in the fall of 2020.  The album was released in March 2021 and now the group is working together to workshop new compositions as they also prepare to perform Ben’s original music and other pieces from bands of similar genre for live audiences in the Miami area beginning in August 2021. The band consists of some of Miami’s top young talent, all current or former students of the Frost School of Music. Each musician in the group brings their own unique voice, and combined with Ben’s compositional style, which is heavily based in jazz improvisation while combining elements of funk, fusion, rock, blues, gospel, and R&B, the Ben Thomas Taylor Experience has an indistinguishable sound that is sure to captivate sophisticated audiences  as well as the casual live music enthusiast.