With our JAS June Experience quickly approaching – let’s get to know the incredible artists who will collaborate for the June 30th show: Georgia On My Mind: A Tribute to Ray Charles

Take 6 is the most awarded a cappella group in history with ten GRAMMY’s, ten Dove Awards and dozens of others. They started in 1980 at Okawood College in Huntsville, Alabama as a band called The Gentleman’s Estate Quartet. They were signed to Reprise Records/Warner Bros. in 1987 and had to change their name due to another band already having theirs. That’s when Take 6 was born. They credit faith, friendship, respect and love of music for their longevity of success. Their live performances rival no other and cannot be missed.
Six-time GRAMMY Award nominee Nnenna Freelon has earned a well-deserved reputation as a compelling and captivating live performer. In 2013 she started working on a venture as the writer, composer, producer and star of the original theatrical presentation of The Clothesline Muse, a devised theatrical work of dance, music, spoken word, vibrant art and projections. Nnenna is also respected in her passion for education. She has dedicated herself to educating young people, both musicians and non-musicians, and students of all ages. She is truly a star and that shows every time she performs live.
Holmes, best known for his silky vocal stylings, has also honed his many other talents, which include dancing and a warm comedic touch. A son of an African-American jazz musician and a classically-trained British opera singer, he was raised with the best of two musical worlds. Blessed with a powerful tenor voice magnetic stage presence, and a charming comedic streak, Holmes makes every performance unforgettable. Like a painter with a blank canvas, he makes every performance an original. His powerful voice and magnetic stage presence embrace the upbeat side of life. When Clint is on stage, anything can happen, and usually does.
Soulful, passionate, stirring…these are the words most often used to describe Kirk’s music. Forged from his Memphis, (TN) gospel roots and his 1980‘s initiation into the thriving Houston, TX nightclub scene, Kirk’s big, rich tenor sound is unmistakably his. A twelve time Grammy nominee, Kirk won his first Grammy award (2011)for Best Gospel Song (“It’s What I Do”––featuring Lalah Hathawa alongside life-long friend and gifted songwriter, Jerry Peters. . An ordained minister, Kirk has earned a Masters of Art in Religion. It’s in this spirit that he serves his community in various ways when his touring schedule allows. In a career spanning decades, Kirk has a sound that is uniquely his; it is a sound that leaves an indelible imprint on the listener.
Georgia On My Mind: A Tribute to Ray Charles is presented in part with the Aspen Music Festival and School. Tickets are still available! Purchase them now here and don’t miss this amazing collaboration show right off of the Vegas Strip!