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Buying Tickets

Tickets for The JAS Labor Day Experience can be purchased via AXS.com or via the Jazz Aspen Snowmass App. Just click or tap on the BUY tab and find The JAS venue to begin browsing upcoming shows.

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How is ticket pricing determined?

There will be a decided dollar amount set by JAS based on the current ticket pricing and availability. Users can sell tickets at any resale price level regardless of what they purchased their tickets for.

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How do I remove a listing?

Just follow these steps: 1. Sign into your AXS Account and click Listings 2. Choose a listing and click Retract 3. Click yes, retract now. And you’re done! Your tickets will no longer be listed for others to buy.

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When does a ticket listing expire?

It’s up to you! When listing tickets, you decide how long your listing will be available for others to buy. Generally, these are your options: • One Day From Now • One Week From Now • One Day Before Event • One Hour Before Start Time • At Event Start Time • One Hour

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Selling your Tickets

The fan-to-fan exchange is the best place to sell your seats because it is the official marketplace endorsed by JAS. Tickets purchased through unofficial sources (such as Craigslist, StubHub, Vividseats etc.) may not be valid. Here’s how it works: 1. Click the Sell button next to the event in your AXS Account. 2. Select

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